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RBC is CFA’s newest club for Ragdoll Breeders and Fanciers.


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RBC History

The Ragdoll Breed Club was created on September 22, 2004, and was accepted as a CFA Ragdoll club on February 6, 2005.  From the outset, the Ragdoll Breed Club (RBC) sought to be as active in CFA as possible. However, a primary goal of RBC was to advance the mitted and colorpoint patterns of the breed, first into AOV and then into the Championship class.  Working with CFA Ragdoll Breed Council Secretary Isabelle Bellavance and the Ragdolls of America Group (RAG) we were able to achieve AOV status in February 2006 and Championship in February 2008.   Full Championship status for the mitted and colorpoint patterns began with the May 1, 2008, show season.

In October 2005, in preparation for the presentation to advance the mitteds and colorpoints to AOV status at the CFA Board meeting in February 2006, RBC held a Ragdoll Speciality show in Phoenix, Arizona. There were 30 Ragdolls entered in the show and another 13 mitted and colorpoints entered in the Exhibition Class for a total of 43 Ragdolls, the most ever entered in a CFA show until that time.  I firmly believe that this played a part in convincing the CFA Board to advance the Ragdolls to AOV at their Board meeting in 2006.

The next hurdle for the Ragdolls was to hold an International Ragdoll Congress (IRC) in CFA.  The previous six IRCs had all been held in TICA.  RBC and RAG worked together in conjunction with the CFA Foot of the Rockies Cat Club to host the 7th IRC in Denver, Colorado, on September 24-26, 2010.  There were nearly 80 Ragdolls entered in the show including 17 mitted and 8 colorpoints who took home a notable number of rosettes for their owners.  What really made this IRC SPECIAL was the presence of Denny Dayton who was able to attend his first IRC.  Denny was definitely the star of the 7th IRC, and it was wonderful that so many Ragdoll breeders were able to meet him in person.

Other areas were RBC has been active in CFA:

RBC has sponsored the Rosettes for several CFA International shows.
RBC donated to the CFA 100-year Anniversary fund.
RBC donated to the Stars on Broadway fund for the CFA show in Madison Square Garden, New York City.
RBC donated to the HCM Winn Feline Foundation.

The future of the Ragdoll in CFA looks increasingly bright.  RBC will continue to support the Ragdoll Breed Council Secretary in any way that it can.  RBC looks forward to continuing to work with RAG in support of our wonderful Ragdolls and will continue to encourage RBC members to join the CFA Breed Council.

by Wain Pearce, Former RBC President

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