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CFA Hidden Treasures

CFA’s website has a wealth of information about hundreds of topics.  Due to the size and complexity of the website, some of them are a bit difficult to find though.

RBC has created a regular series titled “Hidden Treasures” aimed at pointing out parts of the CFA website and other CFA-related items that are very helpful but may not be easily discovered.

Cattery Names – CFA now has an available list of all the “taken” cattery names.  This is incredibly helpful to anyone trying to come up with a new CFA cattery name.  Plus, it’s fun to just browse through them.

CFA Registration Info – Lots of information about registering your cattery name as well as cats and kittens with CFA.

Fanc-E-Mews – CFA’s online magazine (“ezine”).  Lots of great articles about current CFA happenings, show info, breed spotlights, legislative information, cat care and tons of other topics.  Definitely worth a look!

Check back for more Hidden Treasures to be posted soon!

Thank you to Pat Andrews for finding these great CFA Hidden Treasures & helping us learn more about CFA.