CFA’s Newest Club for Ragdoll Breeders & Fanciers


RBC Contacts

RBC Info  For general questions about Ragdoll Breed Club

RBC Membership  For questions about your membership or about joining Ragdoll Breed Club

RBC Officers  For a list of RBC Officers and their email addresses

RBC Webperson  For any questions or comments about this website

Important CFA Contacts

  • CFA Telephone numbers:
    Central Office (330) 680-4070
    Fax: (330) 680-4633
    Dial-A-Grand (Herman): check online
  • Almanac: onlinealmanac@cfa.org
    – for inquiries re your Almanac subscription
  • General: cfa@cfa.org
    – for general inquiries
  • Disaster Relief: disaster-relief-request@cfa.org
    – to request disaster relief assistance in your area, if needed
  • Legislative Group: legislation@cfa.org
    – to reach our Legislative Committee for information on pending legislation issues, or to alert CFA about upcoming legislation in your state
  • Mentor Program: mentoring@cfa.org
    – for further information on participation in the Mentor Program
  • CFA Public Relations: RF@cfa.org
  • Registration: registration@cfa.org
    – for any questions regarding the CFA registration of your cat
  • Show Licenses: showlicense@cfa.org
    – for any questions regarding the licensing of CFA cat shows
  • Yearbook: yearbook@cfa.org
    – for yearbook inquiries, orders, shipping and delivery questions
  • White Pages: whitepages@cfa.org
    for updates to your White Pages listing (published each January. Deadline for receipt of updates is mid-September annually)

CFA Regional Websites & Regional Directors

Region 1 (North Atlantic– John Adelhoch
Region 2 (Northwest– Pam Moser
Region 3 (Gulf Shore– Kathy Black
Region 4 (Great Lakes– John Colilla
Region 5 (Southwest– Lisa Marie Kuta
Region 6 (Midwest– Mary Auth
Region 7 (Southern– Jean Dugger
Region 8 (Japan) – Kayoko Koizumi
Region 9 (Europe) – Pam Delabar
China Representative – Frankie Chan
International Division Representative – Danny Tai