CFA’s Newest Club for Ragdoll Breeders & Fanciers

First CFA Specialty Show

I would like to thank the many Ragdoll people who made this show the success that it was. It was wonderful to see so many Ragdoll people from the various Ragdoll clubs all working together for the advancement of the Ragdoll breed within CFA.

Jeanne and I arrived in Phoenix on thursday and went down to Connie Halls room where 6-7 other people under Connie’s direction, were making cat beds and gift bags for each of the Ragdoll people in the show. I think that we made 31 cat beds with a gift bag, a bottle of water, and what else but a can of Arizona tea, and 2 teasers in each cat bed. Thank you Connie for teaching us all how to make a cat bed, however I still don’t think that Phil will ever learn to use a sewing machine.

Friday afternoon, 13 Ragdoll people arrived at the show hall to help our partners, Superstition Cat Fanciers set up the show hall. Everyone worked really hard and most of us did not get out of there till about 7:30 pm. I want to thank all those who came to Phoenix a day early to help with the set up for the show, we needed everyone of you. A special thanks to LuAnn McMahan who brought a beautiful Ragdoll Breed Booth for the show.

The raffle table was awesome, filled with wonderful items, some of them were very expensive, such as the beautiful art work, I think that there were 5 large pictures donated, a sewing machine, 13 ” color TV, and many other items. Dick & Linda Kauffman did an incredible job manning the raffle table and selling tickets. They took in almost $1300.00 and R.O.A.R. raised over $500.00 for the Ragdoll HCM research grant at their raffle table. RBC & Superstition Cat Fanciers donated $200 to the Friends For Life Cat Rescue who were set up at the show.

Saturday night the Ragdoll people all got together at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I hope that no one was counting the number of margaritas that were being served. Everybody seemed to be having a great time. CFA Judge Gary Veach and several members of the Superstition Cat Fanciers join us for dinner.

There was also a costume party for the cats that was absolutely hysterical. The ideas that people come up with for costumes is amazing. There were close to 40 Ragdoll people at the show. There were pet people as well as breeders, and there were several breeders who came just to support the show and help out. This show had the most Ragdolls ever in a CFA show a total of 43. 30 in competition & 13 Colorpoint & Mitted.

Gary Veach brought all 13 of them up and took each one out, he spent a lot of time looking them over, and talking about each of them. One of his comments was that other than the paint job they would have all been very competitive with the Bicolors in the show, and that CFA was missing a great opportunity by not letting them into CFA for competition. He encouraged us to keep knocking on the door, and eventually CFA would let them in. Loretta Baugh also agreed to look at all 13 of them, but we ran into a conflict with her looking at them while at the same time the awards were being given to the Ragdolls, and as a result she was unable to call them up.

Raggledazzle’s LOVE ROXIE, owned and breed by Rebecca Wixon was the winner of the Gail Nettles Trophy as BEST of the BEST Ragdoll in Championship. Congratulations!

On Sunday during the middle of the show, RBC made a presentation of a special plaque to Jill Hopper who was the Engine who drove the train and made it run on time. Great shows do not just happen, someone has to make them happen, and while Jill had a lot of help, she was the dynamo who directed this historical show in CFA, and made it happen.

I think that I speak for all the Ragdoll people when I say, THANK YOU JILL!