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Ms Cronkite Reporting

from Phoenix Arizona Oct 15-16, 2005

Ms Cronkite here to report a GREAT Mark in History for the Ragdoll Breed at our CFA show in Phoenix, Arizona, in October. There were so many wonderful Ragdolls breeders sporting their finest and our hats are off to you for great support. A SPECIAL thanks to Jill Hopper for rounding up the other breeders and pulling off such a fine show. We all know it would not have run so smoothly without your hands on the wheel. And to you Wain for providing great pictures for our viewing on the website and all you did to help with the show!

We were not showing at this Ragdoll Specialty show, but we did get to experience the comradely and hard work that was done to make it all happen. We mostly palled around with our good friend Nancy Hulit. When we arrived at the show hall, we were amazed at how many cats that were there. It was a big venue and a big show. We started out scouting out the Ragdoll breeders and first looked for the raffle table because we knew we would find Dick & Linda Kaufman there, hard at work. Oh what great, exquisite gifts there were for winners. Beautiful watches with matching bracelets, to t-shirts to toys and adorable kitty keep sakes to treasure as a reminder of this show. Connie Hall and other Ragdoll breeders had worked long and hard to make gift bags for each Ragdoll breeder who entered and they were filled with toys and drink for the humans, a very well constructed cat bed in each and neatly put into a bag and adorned with ribbon. Great job to you all who participated in making all this such a nice raffle and gift bag. The ribbons were also exquisitely beautiful, 3 feet long and in wonderful colors. Great job on the ribbons as well for the exhibition cats.

We continued on our way to meet and introduce ourselves to all the breeders we could. It was so nice to have such warm welcomes from them all. Its hard to describe the comfort we felt in meeting each and every one of you! The cats were all groomed very well, with a shine to be admired. Such fine examples of our breed were there to show one and all how beautiful, sweet and floppy our Ragdoll kittens and adults, are and can be. A big Kudos to you all for such great cats and for the breeders who bred them! All of the judges spoke very highly of the grooming and presentation of the many Ragdolls and rewarded them accordingly. The Ragdolls brought for exhibition were just as fine and a BIG THANKS to you all who brought them for the judges to look at and compare.

We had the pleasure of meeting for dinner at a well known Mexican restaurant and this is where some of us got to know each other a bit better, unfortunately, time ran short when we were having so much fun. It was a great time, sipping very tasty margaritas and talking about the day and about our Ragdolls and sharing fine food on the outside patio. It was a nice warm night for such an event!

We look forward to the next CFA Ragdoll Specialty Show and next time will be just as fun and exciting. We hope to be a part of it in whatever way possible and again, thank you one and all for helping make this GREAT Place in History for our Ragdolls and hope to be showing one of our colorpoints or mitted in the championship class! ( ;

And last but not least, I would like for you to meet some of the people who came to Phoenix to play…

Ms Cronkite Out ~


Bottom left to right: Heather Goepfert of MysticRags Ragdolls, LuAnn McMahan of Katydolls, Sheila DePoorter of Heavenspride Ragdolls, Rebecca Wixson of RaggleDazzle Ragdolls, Nancy Stuck of MichiCat Ragdolls, Linda Kaufman of Kaufman Kats Ragdolls

Middle row left to right: Phil Nardi of MysticRags Ragdolls, Connie Hall of Majestic Rags, Jill Adams (showing Dollhouse Cats), Nancy Hulit of KitnSmitn Ragdolls, JaNeil Cillessen of Dollhouse Ragdolls

Top Row, left to right: Linda and Craig Nelson of Cadillac Cats, Linda Fried (showing Dollhouse cats), Joyce Smith of Island Doll Ragdolls, Lynne Chmelar of CelestTrailsCats, Kelly Ely of Victorian Treasure Ragdolls, Pat (Jill’s Mother) Jill Hopper of Dixiewillow Ragdolls, Wain Pearce of Hemlock Trail Ragdolls, Dawn Moline of Kittyhaven Ragdolls, Cindy DeWolfe of Razl Dazl Doll Ragdolls, Isabelle Bellavance of Kebekat Ragdolls