CFA’s Newest Club for Ragdoll Breeders & Fanciers

Ragdoll Breed Council

Joining the CFA Ragdoll Breed Council is one of the most important things a breeder can do.  It’s the Breed Council that proposes changes to our CFA standard and votes on all proposals that affect our Ragdolls (to advance the mitteds and colorpoints to AOV, for example).  The CFA Board considers Ragdoll-related issues only after the Breed Council votes on those items.
As of 2004 and prior to RBC’s approval by CFA, there were only 31 Ragdoll Breed Council members.  One of RBC’s primary goals in becoming a club was to increase the number of Ragdoll Breed Council members.  The Ragdoll is such a popular breed with hundreds of breeders throughout the world – it only seems appropriate that we have a large and active Breed Council.

Joining the CFA Ragdoll Breed Council is easy.  Membership is limited to individuals who:
1) Have a CFA registered cattery name;
2) Are at least 18 years of age or older;
3) Have bred and registered with CFA at least 3 litters of Ragdolls;
4) Are not a judge or an officer of another cat registering association.
In addition, a breeder must either:
1) Have bred a Ragdoll that has earned the title of Grand Champion or Grand Premier.
2a) Registered 1 Ragdoll litter with CFA during the previous two calendar years.
2b) Exhibited one Ragdoll in a CFA show during the previous two calendar years.

See, that’s not so very much.  If you qualify, please join the Breed Council and be an advocate for our Ragdolls.   If you don’t yet qualify, please join the Breed Council as soon as you do.
Numbers matter!  And we need a large Breed Council to promote our Ragdolls in CFA.

Click here for the Breed Council application for new members.
Click here for the renewal form if you’re already a Breed Council member.