CFA’s Newest Club for Ragdoll Breeders & Fanciers

RBC Beginnings

On September 9, 2004, Ragdoll Breed Club was publically announced as a proposed new CFA Ragdoll club. RBC officially opened to membership on September 22, and by October 10, 2004, already had a membership of 45. These would be RBC’s Founding Members submitted with the club’s application for CFA approval. On February 5, 2005, Ragdoll Breed Club was unanimously approved by the CFA Board as the newest CFA Ragdoll club. In October, 2005, RBC will be co-sponsoring the FIRST Ragdoll Specialty Show in CFA.

About the Show

CFA’s first ever CFA Ragdoll Specialty Show was held in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 15-16, 2005, and RBC was excited to be a co-sponsor for this history-making show!!!
We had Ragdoll breeders, fanciers, and exhibitors from all across the country showing off our lovable, laughable, magical Ragdolls. The show had national exposure and received several inquiries from out-of-state spectators planning to make the trip to Arizona just to attend this show.
This show was co-hosted by Superstition Cat Fanciers, Inc. (SCF) and Ragdoll Breed Club. Both clubs are based in CFA’s Southwest Region. SCF is an allbreed club made up of roughly 20 members from in and around Phoenix. SCF has hosted a number of very successful shows over the years and has been quite active in the cat fancier community. RBC couldn’t have hoped for a more wonderful club to “show us the ropes” of putting on a show and help spotlight our Ragdolls.

Ragdoll Breed Club is a breed/specialty club with members from all over the world. RBC is a new club and, in fact, was just approved at the recent CFA Board meeting in February, 2005. In just a few short months, RBC already has a membership role of more than 80 members and we’re growing all the time!!! As such a young club, we are especially thrilled to be involved in CFA’s first ever Ragdoll Specialty show.
So what makes this a “Specialty Show”?

In CFA, any deviation from the normal judging process requires the approval of each judge as well as permission from the CFA Executive Office. Our special judging for this show was immediately agreed to by the judges and we received CFA’s permission as well.

Normally, only “Best of Breed” and “2nd Best of Breed” awards are given when each judge sees the Ragdoll classes (Kitten, Championship, Premiership). The ribbons are small silk “flats.” For this show, each judge awarded a beautiful ROSETTE to each of his/her TOP 5 Ragdolls in the class. That’s TOP 5 rosettes for Ragdoll breed judging in Kitten, Championship and Premiership. Since there were 8 rings for this show – that means 120 rosettes designated JUST FOR RAGDOLLS! And, of course, that’s not counting any ribbons and rosettes that were awarded to Ragdolls in the overall judging.

There was also several special awards for Ragdolls in this show and RBC expresses its gratitude to everyone who has sponsored an award. Please take a look at the special awards.


Ragdoll Rosettes awarded at the CFA Ragdoll Specialty Show
Phoenix Arizona Oct 15-16, 2005


Ragdoll Breed Club–Breed Booth Photos, CFA Ragdoll Speciality Show
Phoenix Arizona, Oct 15-16, 2005